This page offers an overview of some of my projects.

Settlers III remake for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

  • A project I started in 2011 to create a remake of the famous strategy game “The Settlers III” released by Blue Byte in 1998. Read more…

Kammerjäger – mathematically prove correctness of algorithms

  • Kammerjäger is a debugging and testing tool that allows the user to prove the correctness of algorithms. In order to achieve this our C like programming language named “SimPL” enables the user to easily annotate the code with preconditions and assertions (also with forall and exists expressions). Kammerjäger then use Microsofts Z3 theorem prover to prove if the behavior of the program fulfills the criteria specified by  assertions and preconditions.
  • View Kammerjäger sourceforge project page with full source and documentation

LEGO tank with autonomous infrared targeting system

  • A model tank build of LEGO which is automatically targeting and attacking white targets detected with a self-made infrared targeting system. Read more…


  • TSP is a tool warehousing software offering a graphical user interface to store and search information of tools and their locations. It was designed for the special needs of car repair shops to help them warehousing their enormous range of tools. Read more…

Tetris Bot

  • The Tetris Bot is a Tetris playing AI evaluating decisions according to six simple criteria. The algorithm executes the move with the highest score. For fine tuning, the weighting factor of each criteria can be adjusted. Read more…

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