to my website. Here I want to present you some of my programming projects.

I started programming at the age of 14 with some C++ exercises taught by my brother, who was just learning it in university. After a while I started to learn HTML, PHP and MySQL to create a website for a soccer club. My next project was a warehousing software for a local car repair shop (TSP) I developed in Java. Following that I created some smaller projects in C#, Assembler (IR-Tank), and Java.

Currently I’m in the final semester of my studies of computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Besides that I’m developing my biggest project, a remake of “The Settlers III” together with a fellow student since 2011. To finance my studies and to gain “real world” experience, I work as a working student in the software development industry since 2010.

I hope you enjoy my side and maybe you might get inspired by some of my projects.

Have fun and best regards,

Andreas Eberle